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Frequently Asked Questions

What drugs can be compounded?

Just about anything really.  Compounding pharmacies can whip up drugs for you so you don't have to use that pill cutter, so you can use it in the form of a gel, as a lollipop, as a syrup instead of a pill.  Whatever makes it easy for you to get the required dosage.  Commonly compounded drugs include Bioidentical Hormones, pediatric formulations for children, veterinary compounding drugs, dental drugs.

Are compounded medicines covered by my private health insurance?

Most compounded medicines are covered by your Private Health Insurance.  Your receipt that you get with your medication can be submitted to your health fund for a rebate claim.  The amount you receive is dependent on the health fund you are with and the plan you are on.  If you have any queries please send us an email.

Does my doctor know about compounding pharmacies?

Some do, and some don't.  You can ask your doctor about compounding and then have them get in touch with a compounding pharmacy.

Will compounded drugs work out to be more expensive?

Not necessarily.  It can work out more but it all depends on the ingredients required, the type of delivery method chosen (eg syrup form instead of pill form), and the preparation process.  Compounding pharmacies have access to very high quality ingredients and therefore can offer competitive pricing compared to commercially manufactured drugs.  You need to also consider other factors in your comparison of cost ie how much gets wasted with conventional drugs because the patient spits it out, the emotional stress from having to 'fight' with the patient come medicine taking time etc.

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